Membership in AMUC costs $20.00 CAD per year. Your membership expires one year after receiving payment.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

AMUC Services

Membership in AMUC grants you access to many services. Here is a short list of services we offer in no particular order. Please note that services may be subject to change depending on volunteer resources.

  • Voting rights at general meetings.
  • Full access to any newsletters on disk or from our web pages.
  • Bring your hardware to a general meeting and we'll do our best to help fix it.
  • Participation in bulk purchases which AMUC arranges from time to time.
  • Post links to your web site from the AMUC web site.
  • File downloads on request for anyone without access to Aminet.
  • Buy, sell or trade software/hardware at any general meeting.
  • Unlimited access to the AMUC inventory--everything is free for members!
  • And more!

NameMembership Expires
Mike Stoll January 2019
Artur Przybylski April 2019
Wojciech Wilczynski October 2019
Len Haggblad December 2019
Adam Berent January 2020
Kevin Wong January 2020
Len Banting January 2020
Steven Solie January 2020
Joe Piche July 2020

NameMembership Expired
Peter Mattlock February 2017
Larry Smith February 2017
Dean Dyergens November 2017