August 21 General Meeting

Our next general meeting is to be held Wednesday, August 21 starting at 7pm.

The location is Bay River College. 3516 26 Street NE.

We'll certainly be recapping our AmiJAM 2019 show as well as discussing the upcoming AmiWest 2019 show in Sacramento.

AmiJAM 2019 was a blast!

We had everything from the Commodore 16 to the latest AmigaOne A1222 beta machine. The C64 WiFi cartridge was news to me. Kids were playing Spencer on a huge 4K TV via the AmigaOne X5000. Everything ever produced by Amiga before they revealed their true motive (Joyboard et al) was there on display. There was even a TOMY robot with a cassette in its belly.

A special thank you goes out to Trevor Dickinson for taking the time to stop by and share some stories and news. Trevor is on his way to the A-EON DevCon and then GamesCon in Germany so you can expect updates from him in the near future.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers for helping to make AmiJAM 2019 a success!